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Brains For Zombies, Pumpkin Spring House, PA, 7.8%

Flannel Fridays, Amber, Harpoon, MA 5.7%

Fall Hornin, Pumpkin, Anderson Valley, CA, 6%%

Fishermans Pumpkin Stout, Cape Ann, MA, 7%

Headless Wylie, Pumpkin, Rivertowne, 5.3%

Hell Or High Watermellon, Watermelon Wheat 21st Amendment, CA, 4.9%

Luponic Distortion 002,Rotating Hop Series Firestone Walker, CA , 5.9%

Oberon*, Pale Wheat, Bells, MI, 5.8%

RoadsMarys Baby, Pumpkin, Two Roads, CT 6.8 %

S.M.A.S.H #4 , Long Trail, VT, 6.8%


All Day IPA, Session, Founders,MI, 4.7%

Back In Black, 21st Amendment, CA, 6.8%

Bengali Tiger, Six Point, NY, 6.2%

Brew Free or Die, 21st Amendment, CA, 7.0%

Citradelic, New Belgium, CO, 6%

Fresh Slice, White IPA,  Otter Creek, VT, 5.5%

Grapefruit Session, Capitan Lawrence, NY, 4.5%

Hi-5 IPA, Terrapin, GA, 5.9%

Hop Nosh, Uinta, UT, 7.3%

India Pale Ale, Southern Tier, NY 7.3%

Luponic Distortion 002,Rotating Hop Series Firestone Walker, CA , 5.9%

Molotolv Lite, Evil Twin, NY, 8%

Oskar Blues IPA, Oskar Blues, CO, 6.4%

Perpetual, Double IPA, Troegs, 7.5%

Pinner, Session, Oskar Blues, CO, 4.9%

Resin, Double IPA, Six Point, NY, 9.1%

Sculpin, Ballast Point, CA, 7%

Tangier, Southern Tier, NY 4.6%

Toaster Pastry, 21st Amendment, CA, 7.6$%

Torpedo*, Sierra Nevada, CA, 7.2%

Two Hearted*, Bell’s, MI, 7.0%

Vallejo*, Half Acre, IL, 6.7%

Vital IPA, Victory, 6.5%



420 Pale Ale, Sweet Water, GA, 5.4%

Daisy Cutter*, Half Acre, IL, 5.2%

Dale’s Pale Ale, Oskar Blues, CO, 6.5%

Head Waters Pale, Victory, 5.2%

Hopvale*, Organinc Pale, Summit , MN 4.7%

Invasion Pale Ale, Cigar City, FL , 5%

J.A.W.N ,Neshaminy Creek, 5.2%

Ocelot Of Honey, Rivertown, 5.3%

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale*, Sierra Nevada, CA, 5.6%

S.M.A.S.H #4 , Long Trail, VT, 6.8%

Solid Sender, Troegs, 5.2% --- $6

Space Otter, MIspillion, DE 5%

SRT, Sly Fox, 4.6%

Wyld, Organic Pale Ale, Uinta,UT, 4.0%



Arrogant Bastard*,Arrogant Bastard, CA, 7.2%

Brains For Zombies, Pumpkin Ale

Spring House, 7.8%

Cream Ale, Genesee, NY, 5.1%

Fall Hornin, Pumpkin Ale Anderson Valley, CA, 6%%

Flannel Fridays, Amber Ale, Harpoon, MA 5.7%

 Headless Wylie, Pumpkin Ale  Rivertown, 5.3%

Old Chub, Scotch Ale, Oskar Blues, CO, 8.0%

Maduro Brown Ale, Cigar City, FL , 5.5%

PUB Beer, 10 Barrel, 5%

RoadsMarys Baby, Pumpkin,  Two Roads, CT 6.8 %

Summer Love, Victory, 5.2%

Sweet Action, Cream Ale, Six Point, NY, 5.2%



Brooklyn Lager*, Brooklyn Brewery, NY, 5.2%

Baba Black Lager, Uinta, UT, 4.8%

Helles, Golden Lager, Sly Fox, 4.9%

Hoponius Union, IPL,  Jack's Abby, MA, 6.7%

House Lager*, Jack's Abby, MA, 5.2%

Land  Shark*, Margiritiaville, FL,  4.7%

Mamas Lil Yella Pils, Oskar Blues, CO, 5.3%



American Farm House, ShawneeCraft, PA, 4.2%

Classique, Saison, Stillwater, MD, 4.5%

Grissete, Sly Fox, 5.6%

Perzik Saison, Peach, Avery, Co, 6.4%



Akari Shogun*, Half Acre, IL, 5.5%

Blue Moon, Coors Brewing, CO, 5.4%

Dirty Blonde, Atwater, MI, 4.5%

Grapefruit Radler*, Stiegl Getranke, AUT, 2.5%

Grateful White, Rivertowne, 6.1%

Hala Kahiki, Pineapple Beer, Rivertowne, 4.8%

Hell Or High Watermellon, Watermelon Wheat 21st Amendment, CA, 4.9%

No Limits*, Two Roads, CT, 5%

Oberon*, Pale Wheat, Bells, MI, 5.8%

Royal Weisse, Sly Fox, 5.4%

Shock Top*, Anheuser-Busch, MO, 5.2%

White Rascal, Avery, CO, 5.6%

Wit or Without, St. Benjamin, 5.2%



Angry Orchard Cider, Boston Beer, OH, 5.0%

Austin Honey*, Austin East Ciders, TX, 5%

Austin Hopped*, Austin East Ciders, TX, 5%

Best Damn Cherry Cola*, Anheuser-Busch, 5.5%

Jack’s Cider, Hauser Estate, PA, 5.5%

Root Beer, Conney Island, NY, 5.8%

Strongbow*, Bulmers Cider, ENG, 5.0%


Blood Orange Gose, Anderson Valley, CA, 4.2%

Briney Melon Gose, Anderson Valley, CA, 4.2%

Monk's Flemish Sour ,Brouwerij, 5.5%

Oarsman, Berliner Weis, Bell’s, MI, 4%

Passion Fruit Prussia, 4 Hands, MO, 4%

Ready Set Gose, Unita, UT, 4%

Wild Sour Counter Clockweisse, Destihl, IL, 3%



A Day Without a Dawn*, Imperial Black Ale, Conshoken Brewing,  8.5%

Barney Flats, Oatmeal, Anderson Valley, CA, 5.8%

Fishermans Pumpkin Stout, Cape Ann, MA, 7%

Guinness*, St. James’s Gate, IRL, 4.1%

Imperial Cocoa Porter*, ShawneeCraft, 9.2%

Moo Thunder, Stout, Butternuts, NY, 5.0%

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout*, Charles Wells, ENG, 5.2%


Blanche de Bruxelles*,Belgium Witbier, BEL, 4.5%

Celstial Blonde*, Old Fordge, 7%

Golden Monkey, Belgium Style Triple, Victory, 9.5%

Troegenator*, Doppelbock, Troegs, 8.2%


Boddington’s Pub Ale*, Samlesbury, ENG, 4.7%

Bud Light Lime, Anheuser-Busch, 4.2%

Bud Light, MO, Anheuser-Busch, 4.1%

Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch, 5.0%

Canadian, Molson, CAN, 5.0%

Coors Banquet, Coors Brewing, CO, 5.0%

Coors Light, Coors Brewing, CO, 4.2%

Corona, Grupo Modelo,MEX, 4.6%

Hamms, Hamms Brewing, WI, 4.7%

Heineken, Heineken Nederland, NDL, 5.0%

Michelob Ultra, Anheuser-Bush, 4.2%

Miller High Life*, Miller Coors, WI, 4.6%

Miller Lite*, Miller Coors, WI, 4.2%

Modelo Especial, Grupo Modelo, MEX, 4.6%

Narragansett*, Narragansett Brewing, RI, 5.0%

Natty Bo, Pabst Brewing, CA, 4.5%

Pabst Blue Ribbon*, Pabst Brewing, CA, 4.7%

Pilsner Urquell*, Plzensky Prazdrjo, CZE, 4.4%

Rolling Rock*, Anheuser-Busch 4.5%

Stella Artois*, InBev Belgium, BEL, 5.2%

Tecate, Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma, MEX, 4.0%

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